Taya Naumovich is an artist currently working and living in Philadelphia. Upon her formal graduation with BA in Marketing from Temple University, she moved to NYC and  continued her art education by taking various classes from School of Visual Art, The Art Students League of New York, and being  an active member of NYC Crit Club.Working back and forth between real media painting and the digital space, Naumovich’s process underscores this testing of the boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds and the artist's fundamental and metaphorical questioning of “truth”.
Taya Naumovich’ work invites you into atmospheric, transparent space where celestial movements of her often angel-like faces meldivian creatures calling you to tap into unknown space that she also drew upon symbolic connection between intuitive  knowledge of the world around her and subconscious universal truth that dance along Music of Spheres, that also mark the boundary  between natural and supernatural words. The artist  is interested in capturing and defining a moment, a glimpse, a memory, an invisible world we all coexist in, that has no physical boundaries of time and space.